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Translating Discovery Into Practice

Biomedical editing, writing, educational, and consulting services

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Welcome to BioMed Bridge, LLC

BioMed Bridge, LLC, works with clients to address biomedical editing, writing, educational, and consulting needs. Even the most experienced scientific writers rely on scientific editors to review their work prior to submission. As such, our clients include both native and non-native English speaking investigators. We focus on the development of scientific manuscripts, grants, training grants, white papers, theses, presentations, abstracts, posters, teaching materials, and other technical documents in diverse biomedical and basic science subject areas. We provide individually tailored services to researchers from private and academic institutions, including scientists and physicians, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, publishing companies, scientific editing companies, and educational organizations. We focus on “Translating Discovery into Practice,” which includes helping our clients achieve the following goals:

  • Turn new discoveries into new publications: communicate new scientific data in manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals.
  • Propel discoveries from bench to bedside: help clinicians and scientists publish and present their work.
  • Turn new discoveries into new opportunities: write grants and white papers to promote the pursuit of new scientific discoveries and ideas.
  • Promote biomedical education: help students understand how previous scientific discoveries shape current scientific practice.

BioMed Bridge, LLC, provides the following services:

  • Editing services to help our clients clarify and polish their writing.
  • Rewriting services to help our clients extensively revise and reformat previously developed documents.
  • Writing services to prepare new documents using data and resources provided by our clients.
  • Writing services to prepare invited scientific review and educational articles for academic journals and publishing companies.
  • Table and figure revision and production services to help our clients most effectively present their data.
  • Consulting services to help our clients focus their research efforts or explore new avenues of investigation.
  • Educational services to prepare teaching materials and help students uncover answers to their questions.